World Independent Short Film Awards

12. edition / 26th November - 2th December 2018

Emotions have not subsided yet, but the 11th Grand OFF has already become a historical fact !! The nominees, the distinguished chapter, special guests and fans of independent cinema were present at the ceremonial Gala. We are pleased with the extremely positive reception of the whole event, the echo of which is still reflected throughout the entire world and film world.

In order not to prolong the expectation of our Grand OFF community, we announce that the highest prize was received by films:


Best Directing „The Servants”


Best Script „Le Soutien-Gorge”


Best Cinematography „Watu Wote”


Best Editing „How to save your darling


Best Production Design „Inside The Wardrobe”


Best Actress „On Time”


Best Actor „Master of the class”


Best Fiction„Bus Story” „How to save your darling”


Best Documentary „Nie sądzić”


Best Animation „A terrible Hullabaloo”


Best Polish Film „Ja i Mój tata”


We hope that all nominated creators and their films will be appreciated in the film world of independent cinema. We encourage you to follow our fanpage, because this is where you will be able to find out about the dates, venues of the winning films in nearly 100 cinemas scattered throughout Poland. WELCOME !!

With a great pleasure we would like to inform you that the 11th edition of Grand Off Festival - The best independent short films in the world will be streamed live. We invite everyone interested in watching the event live as well as attending the event in person. We would like to remind you that the festival will take place on December 2nd. Thank you!

Attention, The work of The Nomination Committee of the 11th edition of Grand Off has already ended. We received 3909 films. The Nomination Committee has selected 57 films from 428 in 11 categories.

Here are the nominated films:
1. Best Script
Candie Boy – Italy 8'30"
Mario – Spain 8'38"
Le soutien-Gorge – France 14'51"
Wraqyt – Saudi Arabia 18'11"
Blue – Turkey 12'16"
2. Best Directing
The toilet – China 8'36"
911 - Pizza – France 7'17"
The Servants – France 25'49"
It’s back then – Iraq 14'00"
We are just fine like this – Tunisia 19'00"
3. Best Cinematography
Watu Wote – Gemrany 21'34"
Marketvita – Spain 16'57"
A fire in England – Great Briain 14'20"
The Lost – Russian Federation 20'00"
Ca va sans dire – France 11'37"
Falling from time - Argentin 8'12"
4. Best Editing
Bus story – Spain 10'22"
How to save your darling – Italy 6'00"
The servants – France 25'40"
All the rest is the work of man – France 14'50"
Post Mortem - India 26'24"
5. Best Production Design
Welcome home – Spain 14'55"
Inside the wardrobe – France 25'00"
Al Sheikh Noel 2 – Iraq 20'59"
Chelipa – Iran 20'00"
Ca va sans dire – France 11'37"
6. Best Actress
Mary – Russian Federation 13'14"
On time – USA 15'25"
Zu gast bei Freunden – Switzerland 20'01"
We are just fine like this – Tunisia 19'08"
The woman is to blame – Estonia 15'57"
7. Best Actor
Master of the class – France 25'32"
It’s back then – Iraq 13'58
Musician – Russian Federation 18'00
Lost face – Canada/Australia 14'14"
Debout Kinshasa! – France 20'00"
8. Best Fiction
Sandal – Indonesia 4'48"
Inside the wardrobe – France 25'00"
Bus story – Spain 10'22"
Welcome home – Spain 14'55"
Debout Kinshasa! – France 20'00"
How to save your darling – Italy 6'00"
9. Best Documentary
Track – Iran 4'00"
Kahrizak -Tajrish – Iran 27'22"
Nie sądzić – Poland 34'56"
Więcej niż śpiew – Poland 25'00"
Balkan royal – Bulgaria 20'00"
10. Best Animation
Panic attack! – USA 3'20"
RIPrivacy – Turkey 4'24"
The servant – Iran 4'38"
Wall – Taiwan 14'10"
A terrible Hullabaloo – Ireland 08'49
11. Best Polish Film
Ja i mój tata 30'00"
Nie sądzić 34'56"
My name is Julita 28'27"
Myszy i szczury 35'00"
Rytuał 3'28"

In the final stage all films will be rated by Jury ( 54 people) from the whole world. We will announce the results on December 2nd in Warsaw during the solemn ceremony.

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