Nominated films 2022

Our late father

Regis Mardo


Five children are called to the death of their father, a farmer. They do not know each other. Back on the farm of their childhood for a wake and the reading of a will, they will have to face the ghosts of the past, and the present.

Argent Vivo

Giantommaso Puglisi


To deal with the pain of witnessing his wife's illness, Alfredo, a 70 year old man, has built a device that allows him to playback old Super 8 films on a visor, to relive the memories of when he and his wife were young.

Good Night, Lily

Peter Vulchev


Hidden in the darkness of her home, a lonely elderly woman tries to rearrange her life. Wandering in the labyrinth between reality, dream and imagination, she meets the ghost of her greatest love. Will their love conquer time and space or will the black hole of everyday life engulf it?

The Woman Under The Tree

Karishma Kohli


Lucia, a homeless woman in South Beach, spends much of her time sitting under a tree, watching the life of a family unfold in a house across the street. When not under the tree, she fights for food and shelter while drifting between reality and delusion. What begins as a seemingly senseless act of voyeurism becomes something deeper as we discover the meaning her routine brings to her life.

Off Side

Sophie Martin


Camille, a single mother and home helper, tries as best she can to raise her son Théo, who has severe language problems. Obliged to replace a colleague, she is forced to take care of Monsieur Conti, a silent old man.

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