Nominated films 2022


Marc Riba, Anna Solanas


Mrs. Candela spends the last days of her life in a dying suburb of a big city.


Anton Cla


An old man's vision of a drowning world is clouded. He decides to take radical actions inflicting damage to his surroundings. It instigates a self-destructive chain of events, coming from the dark depths of his subconsciousness.

The Dream Maker

Paul Denis, Léa Desrozier, Arden Hemkes, Grégoire Hoarau, Anatole Perrin, Lisa Rippert


Le Souffleur de Rêves follows the story of Gustave, a passionate dream maker who is still learning the ropes to his job. He is responsible for the dreams and nightmares of lots of people around his region, but he knows very well that nobody likes having nightmares, so he tries to lock them up. Everything takes a turn for the worst when one of the nightmares tries to escape his workshop and in the confrontation it transports Gustave to the nightmare realm, where he is forced to confront his biggest fear.

Only with you

Raz Merhav


After failing to find his place in the company of children, Meiri chooses to lock himself in with Yossi, his beloved parrot, in his cage. Inspired by the poem “The Song About Yossi The Parrot” by Avraham Halfy.


Claire Layne


After visiting a shrine, a young Japanese girl encounters an enigmatic spirit who follows her home.

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