Nominated films 2023

On the Ground

Lucie Dupeyrat, Nathan Ygouf, Marine Sauvageot, Chirag Paul, Claire Savoye, Jade Astoux


During her move out, Lily, a young lively and ambitious woman meets Edi, a strange homeless man, and his funny dog, Belix. Curious about them, she quickly becomes their friend. With best intentions, Lily wants to help them off the streets, against Edi's wishes. Trying desperately to help them, she might not notice how much she has already done.

Very, Very, Tremendously

Guangli Liu


Drawing on the threads of Virtual Currency and Digital Junk, Very, Very, Tremendously seeks to discuss how the acts of production and consumption from the virtual world interact systematically with reality, whilst also mirrors how the 'two realities' coexist in geopolitical conflict.

Eldorado Blue

Brian Luff

United Kingdom

Driving his Cadillac along a seemingly endless desert road, a man suddenly encounters a crossroads at which he is halted by a sinister set of traffic lights. Just how long will he have to wait for the lights to change?


Mehdi Hosseinzade


A dog crashes into a car while crossing the road, and the driver continues on his way regardless of the injured dog. During the time that the dog is lying on the side of the road, several other cars pass by without paying attention to the injured dog, until a car stops to help the dog. But he helps the dog in a special way

Make or Break

Mike Plitt, Falk Schuster


Alex grows up in the GDR era with his single mother in the Vogtland region; the two of them take a lot of liberties because they can count on each other. When his mother publicly criticises the state, the youth welfare authorities decide to send Alex to a children's home. Once there, the eleven-year-old no longer understands the world. Why is he here?

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