Nominated films 2022

A day will come

Nicolas Cazalé / actress: Audrey Bonnet


Weakened by a stay in an psychiatric hospital reunites with her son, Luca, who lives far away with his father now. But the joy of the reunion will be brief and Audrey will have to question her role as a mother.

La Luce Oltre La Gabbia

Giovanni Ambrosino / actress: Irene Maiorino


Maria (32), as a result of the continuous violence and the fear that her partner Pietro (35) could hurt her little Cristina (4), kills him during the yet another fight to defend herself. Maria and Cristina experience prison together as a suffocating reality filtered through the grates of a cell.


Grégoire Graesslin / actress: Philippine Stindel


Junie, 20, is an apprentice of Xavier, a gruff farmer. As the only girl on the isolated farm, which also hosts seasonal workers, Junie suffers from a strange illness: every morning, she wakes up in the middle of the countryside, lost and confused.


Mohamed Kheidr / actress: Elham Wagdi


After her husband abandoned her and illegally fled the country, Walaa’s only way to secure income for her family was to drive a Tuk-tuk in a male dominated environment where women struggle. At the risk of being ridiculed, harassed and unaccepted while drowning in debt she embarks on a journey to fight for her livelihood.


Ákos K. Kovács / actress: Dina Mušanović


Yugoslavia, 1991. Far away from the war zones Branka gets a job at a maternity ward of a state hospital. The young woman is all alone, but it turns out loneliness is not the hardest burden Branka has to carry. Newborns are disappearing from the hospital.

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