Nominated films 2022


Xiaolin Wen


Sali, a seven-year-old boy, longed to have a cell phone that could play games. He tried everything to get it but failed. So, he made a bold decision and planned to secretly sell a lamb to buy a cell phone. However, he accidentally learned that his father intended to sell the lamb at the end of the year to treat his mother's illness. At this time, Sali felt quite upset.

Sweetie Pie

Alexandra Naoum


Laura struggles with anger management while in detention. On parole for a day, she is confronted to the complex reality of her daughter being now cared for by her own immature mother.

Hydrangeas in winter

Helene Rastegar


Parvine is an Iranian refugee living in France where she takes care of Magda, an old sculptor who is gradually losing her eyesight. Haunted by her traumas and the loss of her lover, her relationship with Magda will help her find the strength to move forward.


Sebastian Schmidl


Following an act of violence, two loving sisters plan to take revenge on the unconvicted perpetrator and find themselves being pulled deeper and deeper into the darkest areas of there minds. As they are constantly confronted with their fears, they must figure out if the decision to take the law into their own hands can be the answer to their pain.


Max Nardari


Palmira, a very famous 1990s actress, falls into a coma following an accident. Once wake up she comes back to the year 2022. During a party organized by her agent Thomas to celebrate her return to life, Palmira realizes that many things are changed during 30 years...

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