The Martyr

Fernando Pomares


Two Syrian brothers illegally cross a border to enter into a westerner country. Their sister narrates this journey where present time, past or the oneiric all jumble together to become both a dream and nightmare of our current world.

Death of a Wanderer

Huang Guangming


Huang Zhiyu, an editor of the South China evening news, suffered from depression for many years. Every time Huang Zhiyu came home from work, he met a tramp under the overpass who was reading a newspaper – South China evening news. By chance, Huang realized that the man bought these newspapers.

It's Just in My Head

Marius Gabriel Stancu


Andreas and Alessandro are two friends who have known each other since their childhood. Now that they have grown up, they study at University in different cities but they always spend the summer together in the place where they were born: a seaside resort that regularly fills up with tourists every year.

So long, Paris!

Charles Dudoignon-Valade


A bittersweet comedy about a fanciful and rebellious pre-teen who ends up accepting her parents' divorce after an unexpected encounter with her dad's male lover.


Javier Dampierre


A world-renowned psychiatrist is put to the test when a mysterious patient reveals his true identity.

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