The Nest

Gracjana Piechula


It is 1968. Jacob, studying in Czechoslovakia, unexpectedly visits his family home in Poland. The seemingly idyllic atmosphere of the meeting after a long separation is gradually disturbed by the real reason for Jacob's visit. The boy, torn by doubts after hearing rumors about his father, tries to find out what the truth is.

Zulen and I

Michelle Alexander


Lima 1920. Years of intellectual effervescence. Dora Mayer, one of the few intellectual women of the time, tries to rebuild her life after suffering the successive rejection of the philosopher Pedro Zulen, 21 years her junior, her pupil and the love of her life.

Don't Resist

Sigrid Clementine Kolbjørnsen


While at the yearly checkup of their five year old son, Stian and Silje is told that he has a big chance of future illness. The doctor has a controversial decree on how to solve the problem, and the parents must decide whether to accept the decree or face the consequences. "Don't Resist" is a political movie about who should hold the rights to decide over your life – yourself or the government.

Let me be, Dear

Samira Damato


Malta, 1964. A family is thrown into financial and emotional turmoil as British influence starts to dwindle on the island of Malta. To protect her mother from her father’s temper, Mariella, a mischievous little girl, plots to get rid of him.

Nikola Tesla, the Man from the Future

Alessandro Parrello


New York, May 16, 1888. Visionary Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla is about to introduce an innovative AC asynchronous motor. Before the demonstration, wealthy businessman George Westinghouse meets Tesla privately to get him to sell him his patent and go into business with him. Tesla declines the offer but during the demonstration something happens that will change the world forever.

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