The Martyr

Fernando Pomares


Two Syrian brothers illegally cross a border to enter into a westerner country. Their sister narrates this journey where present time, past or the oneiric all jumble together to become both a dream and nightmare of our current world.


Andrey Svetlov


"Friend" is a movie about two school students. One of them dreams of a new smartphone, the other of a simple friendship. By chance, they find themselves in a common predicament from which they will have to get out. It's a rich story spiced with childish adventurism and light humour.

The Decisive Moment

Eduardo Rufeisen


The "Decisive Moment" follows the life of two young photographers living in Paris, Henri and Yvette. They meet in an art school and become fascinated with each other in very different styles. Is the creative process a commitment to analytical reason or to passionated inspiration?

On The Border

Tynchtyk Abylkasymov


This film is about an old man who was unwittingly taken captive by border guards of two neighbouring countries.

The Criminals

Serhat Karaaslan


Late at night in a small Turkish town, a young couple tries to find a hotel room to spend the night together. They are rejected from all hotels for not having a marriage certificate. Once they believe they’ve found a trick to use, the situation gets out of hand.

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