Too Late

Kinga Syrek


The protagonist of the animated film is Edie Sedgwick, a model, actress, and star of Andy Warhol's films. The film, however, is not about her relationship with Warhol, but the relationship with her toxic father. Her difficult childhood has cast a shadow on her adult life, soaked with alcohol and filled with drugs. The protagonists are depicted in silhouettes, resembling paper cut-outs or puppets from a shadow theatre.


Zoé Berton-Bojko / Susana Covo Pérez / Guillaume Heussler / Yann Kacprzak / Margot Wiriath


When science gets out of hand, the consequences are disastrous.

Rebirth of Venus

Robin Noorda


This experimental film is based on a poem by Noorda about inequality and oppression. He addresses an array of manifestations of oppression causing the exploitation of nature and violation of human rights and especially women's rights. In Noorda's view, all these phenomena of oppression have a common denominator...

Flowing Home

Sandra Desmazieres


"Flowing Home" is the story of two sisters separated after the Vietnam war. Thao, the youngest, is 15. She’ll flee Vietnam by boat to a refugee camp on the island of Pualu Bidong, Malaisia. Sao Maï, the eldest, is 17. She will stay in Vietnam with her parents. In her loneliness she lives with the ghosts of the past.

Go Make Memories

Carl Mason

United Kingdom

"Go Make Memories", is a short film which hopes to raise awareness of the ultra-rare and devastating group of genetic conditions, Niemann-Pick disease (NPD). The experiences of the individuals and families affected by NPD takes centre stage in this production.

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