Cloudy Man

Shahin Jalali / actor: Mahmoud Nazar Alian


A man with a shaking hand faces unexpected events.

Unstoppable Soul

Claudio Proietti / actor: Duccio Camerini


The relationship between a father and daughter goes beyond the confines of space/time. In the darkest moments in life the ties that bind them can become a guiding light. Giulio sacrificed his very existence for his vocation and Sara, his daughter, must follow (discover) her own. A meeting between unstoppable souls.

Pappo e Bucco

Antonio Losito / actor: Massimo Dapporto/Augusto Zucchi


Elia and Aldo are two ex clowns. They have been living together for years, isolated from everyone and everything. Aldo has been asking Elia to help him end his suffering due to his illness for a long time. Elia tries to dissuade him in every way possible until he realizes that Aldo's condition is more serious than what he had thought.

Death of a Wanderer

Huang Guangming / actor: Xu Fan


Huang Zhiyu, an editor of the South China evening news, suffered from depression for many years. Every time Huang Zhiyu came home from work, he met a tramp under the overpass. Who was reading a newspaper - South China evening news. By chance, Huang realized that the man bought these newspapers.

Vincent Before Noon

Guillaume Mainguet / actor: Jacques Bonaffe


A father pays his son a visit after years of conflict and turns up in the middle of his house move. The son Vincent reacts violently to that intrusion. Emotionally weakened, the father involuntarily reveals the true reason of his visit, which revives the tension between them.

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