Grand OFF 2010 – summary

1 December 2010

GALA 2010





Category: BEST FICTION / awarded person – Roy Krispel
Title: GUEST
Direction: Roy Krispel
Time: 40′
Country: Israel, 2010
Genre: Fiction

Eva is a waitress in a small French restaurant in Tel Aviv. She works there with her husband Adam, the chef and owner. Eva finds out that she is pregnant and when she tries to find the right moment to tell Adam, a customer enters the place. The strange guest starts ordering one dish after another and irritates Adam, who wants to close down…

Category: BEST DIRECTION / awarded person – Lars Pedersen Arendt
Title: BEAST
Direction: Lars Pedersen Arendt
Time: 15′
Country: Denmark
Genre: Fiction

They lie about it. Dad hitting Mom. But ten-year-old Benjamin have had it with lies. Taking Dad’s pricey puppy as hostage Benjamin forces Dad to apologize to Mom. Unfortunately for all of them, Daddy is not the apologizing kind.

Category: BEST SCRIPT / awarded person – Vincent Coen & Jean-Julien Collette
Title: TABO
Direction: Vincent Coen & Jean-Julien Collette
Time: 24′
Country: Belgium, 2010
Genre: Fiction

An American couple, Frank and Cathy, take their lovesick son, Julian, on a trip to Ghent to discover his Belgian roots. When Julian meets the love of his life there, the goal of their trip is achieved in a most unexpected way….

Category: BEST EDITING / awarded person – Leon Chambers
Direction: Leon Chambers
Time: 12′
Country: UK, 2010
Genre: Fiction

“The Long Lonely Walk” follows the stories of three individuals, a bomb disposal expert, a young boy and an elderly woman, as they each take the brave steps towards a life-defining moment.

Category: BEST DOCUMENTARY / awarded person – Wojciech Kasperski
Title: CHASM
Direction: Wojciech Kasperski
Time: 34′
Country: Poland
Genre: Documentary

An intimate portrait of gold rush. Gold-bearing mountains in North Siberia are the background for a Jack London-like story: a Lonely Gold-Digger is searching for his treasure. Surrounded by inhospitable nature, people who cannot be trusted and his own fears, the protagonist of the film cuts himself off from the whole world in the trap of his desire.

Category: BEST ACTRESS / awarded person – Ursula Werner
Direction: Philipp Doering
Time: 24′
Country: Germany
Genre: Fiction

Marianne works for the crisis line night after night; no one is able to help all the lonesome people at the other end of the line as good as she does. But during this night she will have to face her own problems – she cannot hide behind the telephone any longer…

Category: BEST ACTOR / awarded person – Adrian Titieni
Direction: Adrian Sitaru
Time: 17′
Country: Romania, 2010
Genre: Fiction

Dinner. Father and Mother are eating when their son shows up, carrying an injured dove in his arms. “What is that?” asks the father. “What does it look like?” replies the son. The mother has a look at the dove and continues doing what she is doing. “I want the dove to stay”, says the son. “Impossible”, says the father. “I want the dove to stay and I want a cage for the dove”, insists the son. “Who will pay for that?” asks the father. “You”, says the son. The mother doesn’t say a word. Later on father and mother meet in the bedroom.

Category: BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY / awarded person – Mauro Vidal
Direction: Carlos Hernandez
Time: 13′
Country: Colombia
Genre: Fiction

A small piece on life or death. It’s a metaphoric portrait amidst the burdensome life of the real victims of war in our country, a war that kills us slowly, day by day. This is the fantastic story of Marina, 38, a fisherman’s wife in Nuquí (Chocó, Colombia), a small town in the Colombian Pacific Coast, who lives in a humble house besides an immense and isolated beach. One day she wakes up saddened by a dream she just had and decides to go to the open sea, alone, amidst the rain, taking with her a small boat and the fish her husband caught that day.

Category: BEST ANIMATION / awarded person – Christopher Kezelos
Title: ZERO
Direction: Christopher Kezelos
Time: 12’30″
Country: Australia
Genre: Animation

In a world that judges people by their number, Zero faces constant prejudice and persecution. He walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero. Together they prove that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something.