A Man in Chain

Alireza Mirasadollah

United Kingdom

Issa is a 29 year old man held by chains. In the past 14 years, through winter and summer, rainy seasons and drought, he has been tethered around a thick, solid tree root within the sight of the family hut. He cannot move beyond the earthen circle allowed by his two-meterthick metal chain.


Sandra Duarte Cardoso, Tiago Iúri


Sandra Duarte Cardoso, veterinary medicine and founder of SOS Animal in Portugal, was to know Najin, Fatu and its protectors. This is the story of a meeting the two latest white rhinocerontes from the north of the planet.

Fika & Fidan

Delavare Dustanian


A cat named Fidan who was rescued from childhood by a girl eventually lives in peace but with the arrival of a cat named Fika he relaxes and acts violently against her.

Tales of Kokoro

Mathias Monet


“Tales of Kokoro” relates the daily life of a small village located at the heart of Benin, where legends and traditions try to adjust the newly developing country.

4000 voices

Kwaish Sajjad


Umm Assi is a 70-years-old woman, waiting for her son who left for war and never came back. After a year has passed since his disappearance in the war, in a vision Umm Assi saw a wolf kidnapping her son from the roof of their house, then, she believes that she will meet him again! Will she meet him and how?

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