April's Last Memories

Nancy Cruz Orozco


Camila and April grew up together in a small town on the coast and are best friends. April's family will move to the city, their paths will have to separate forever. No one understands how to say goodbye to the person they love.


Mattia Tognoni


"Senility" is a short film about an elderly couple that lives their daily life, until the man receives the news about the worsening of a disease. This news will lead them to seek a change in their lives.

Offro Io

Paola Minaccioni


A quiet exit between two couples of friends well degenerates into a ruthless and violent struggle that nobody is willing to lose. In fact, an apparent harmless gesture of courtesy triggers a surreal escalation of generosity, transforming what was supposed to be a relaxing evening with old friends, into a crazy challenge.


Lucia Forner Segarra


After being attacked one night, Diana believes that something must change and decides to do her justice. This is why she names herself "Dana", meaning "the one who does justice".

Refugee by Mistake

Andre Diwisch


A small village community group set their sight on the absurd goal of protecting the border from refugees. In the end, they finde themselves on the refugee route without any identification documents and money. In an ironic and comic story, an absurd foray becomes an unusual self-discovery trip.

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